Moody Hands

We came together with a single purpose: to fill the world with music, but through the tips of your hands. Moody hands actually lets you play with music. Move your hands and change the flow of the notes. The music lives within you.

We had a rocky start to our hack. One of our teammates could not attend any more. So with heavy hearts, we tapped on. Our first idea was to make a hardware application where we would measure how people would enter a room and play music accordingly. For example, if there was a cacophony of noise; it implied that there was a lot of energy entered the room. So, we would play some rowdy music to fit the mood.

Disaster strikes again when our "Dragonboard" micro-controller started acting up. Other teams had similar issues but we ventured on. We sent a cry for help but to our dismay, nobody else had an answer. Finally, the board couldn't hold up anymore. We bricked out board. In panic, we scrambled for more hardware. We tried a returned "Arduino" and it wouldn't sync properly. We requested a "Fitbit" watch but it didn't come with a charging port.

With heavy hearts, we turned to each other and asked if we could carry on.

Yes, we will keep hacking

We got our hands on a leap motion controller and came up with this. Note: we cloned a vr visualization repo for the hand motion capture leap motion github

Playlists for each mood

You can add your own songs!

mood list 0

mood list 1

mood list 2

mood list 3

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