Michael Reeves Trigger me Elmo

What it is

A web application that tracks your emotions using AI with your webcam (with your permission of course).

How we built it

MERN and Tensorflow. Used React's videoRef capabilities to save pictures of your video.

Challenges we ran into

Training a visual AI in one night is not a good idea. It was a bit inconsistent and too a lot of time. 0Auth is hard to setup and we ended up ditching it. Burned a lot of our time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a MongoDB backend and every routes properly! We setup the AI even though it's a bit consistent.

What we learned

Impossible to do a comprehensive AI in one night. How to use React to hold webcam data. How to route MongoDB POST requests with Express

What's next for MoodVision

Make it fully functional Turn it into a chrome extension? Make a better UI Try to make it safer/less invasive

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