At first, our scope was really large and the idea was inspired by online multiplayer games like Among Us and, as well as something like the Cuckoo study timer. We wanted to make a web application that matches users with a music jam party based on their musical preferences and current mood after a series of questions.

What it does

The application matches you with the perfect track for your mood!

How We built it

We used the Spotify API as well as Jupyter Notebook and Python.

Challenges We ran into

We initially had to narrow our scope due to our inexperience with Jupyter Notebook. A large symptom of this is the fact that we were not sure how to hide our client id and client secret from the public code, but learned that a simple external text file and read() function did the trick.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

We are proud of the fact that we submitted and pushed on to complete the project, even though we had to compromise on the vision a lot. We're proud that we both came out of this hackathon with a little knowledge on API's and how to use them, and we both came to really enjoy using the Spotify API.

What We learned

Haya being a first time hacker was very self-led and learned a lot about the power of Stack Overflow and Googling her errors. Tina learned a little more about the nuances of Python and the capabilities (and limitations) of Jupyter Notebook.

What's next for Moodsic Finder

We hope to expand on our initial vision, and hopefully take the knowledge we gained from this hackathon to create our group music session web application. We would also like to experiment with different elements that neither of us dove into this hackathon, like formatting with CSS and HTML, as well as scripting with Javascript (or perhaps use Django) in order to make a UI and a proper web application.

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