New York is congested with people. Some may have an amazing day but others might face the opposite. That is why we created MoodRater to see how our user is doing.

What it does

It asks the user how their day was. It shows 5 number the user can choose their mood state. If the user chooses 1, it means that they are very upset and shows them pages to share their thoughts, why they are feeling low! Also if they have some unwanted thought, they may be able to get in touch with health professionals. When a user chooses 2 it shows them picture quote not to give up. On choosing 3 user tries to tell their day could be better. With 4 they are happy with their day and could find some more motivations. The last option means that user mood is extremely good. It is time for the users to Party!

How we built it

We used android studio and our knowledge of java and research mood states and combining all into our project

Challenges we ran into

We did not have enough knowledge of the platform and API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to achieve total five states of mood for all our users

What we learned

We have learned to create an app for Android studio,

What's next for MoodRater

Build full-scale android app by Integrating Google, IBM, NYC Data and API

Built With

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