I love travelling and I take a lot of time planning trips I go. Most of the times when I want to prepare an itenary to visit a city what I do is look for places in Google and find how to go there with public transport.And after finding all the nice places, the next challenge is to find the best possible places to go with the limited time I might have to visit the city. This problem drives me crazy every day. It happened to me when I wanted to plan my city tour to Berlin on next Monday as well (as I just have like 9 hours to visit the city). So we thought of coming up with a simple solution to this issue, with the data available to us from BVG APIs and Google maps and Google places APIs.

What it does

MoodMove is a simple app which understands you, and helps you travel in Berlin, with the optimum and most effective manner. The app take into consideration your mood or your state, your location and the time you have left with to travel and gives you a travel itenary to save your time and money in the same time giving you more fun.

You need to login to the application with Social login and app will determine your location automatically. When you confirm your location, you will get to select how many hours you have, for your trip. Then you can select your mood, or state. Whether you want a small trip to go with your family, or to go with you girl friend or may be if you want to go somewhere to party and have fun.

Then you get few iteneries which suit you. In right top corner of each itenary, the important thing shown is the suggestion whether the route, or the locations are congested. This helps you choose the best possible itenary for your trip as well.

And then when you choose an itenary you get a detailed plan on how to go from place to place and every other details. The app connects with Google Maps to show you detailed information and it redirects you to BVG website and suggest you the best possible or most cost effective ticket you can buy to complete your journey as well.

How we built it

We used AngularJS, PHP, HTML , Google Maps API, Google Places API and BVG APIs to create our web application.

Challenges we ran into

This is the first time we have used Google APIs and BVG APIs. Had a tough time figuring out how to make them work and finally was able to get data moving in the correct manner after hours and hours of struggle. For ideation to prototype creation, we had a very limited time and it was really challenging to finish the project within the given time. Getting IBM Bluemix to work too got sometime :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finally we were able to create a small prototype of the app and we are really proud of it. Initially the prototype was hosted in Azure. Then we moved it to IBM Bluemix after figuring out the correct procedure and the way to host there.

What we learned

Learnt a lot of stuff during the hackathon. To be honest it is our first time with Google APIs and IBM Bluemix. So had to learn from top to bottom in everything in order to get the prototype to work.

What's next for MoodMove

Hopefully we would be able to take this project to the market with the help of BVG. The problem we have solved is a real issue faced by me, my friends and for sure most people other than us as well. This kind of an fun to use app could help millions of people out there.

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