What it does

The MoodLight ambient lighting system adjusts the light temperature based on the data from the MoodMetric smart rings in order to relieve stress in workspaces. The system also tracks people movement using infra red cameras and observes the overall ambient lighting level to conserve energy.

How I built it

We used the API provided by Helvar to contol light fixtures and obtain data from the FLIR camera and the smart rings. The base system was developed using OpenCV and Python, while the web front-end was built using Node.js and Vue frameworks.

Challenges I ran into

The API documentation was spotty and there was a great deal of contentation for acces to the lighting fixtures, because there were many engaged teams trying to develop their projects. These problems were mostly solved by talking to the helpful representatives from Helvar. Also, the data from the thermal imaging camera position was not suitable for our kind of people detection, so we had to borrow it a couple of times to get a good view from the ceiling to enable for more pwercise people tracking.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We were able to build a system that succesfully integrates the FLIR camera, mood rings and the Helvar API. The human detection using OpenCV turned out to work really well. We're happy about the results by integrating the mood rings with the lighting fixtures to obtain a dynamic lighting environment that will allow for people to have more relaxed and productive time.

What I learned

Each member of our team had different learning outcomes, but the main joining points are development of skills in image processing, colorimetry, rapid development and collaboration. It turned out that some things took a lot less effort that we originally thought and in return we were splitting hairs on some seemingly simple problems. Overall this was a great experience and each of us will bring home new experiences and motivation for new and exciting projects.

What's next for MoodLight

The system that we have developed with some polishing touches could be introduced in office buildings or other living spaces. In todays fast paced environment it becomes increasingly more difficult to find time and space to unwind and relax, so it is important to improve every aspect of our environment for both physical and mental well being.

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