The Problem

How do you stay productive during a pandemic? How do you separate your work from your life at home? As our world changes around us, what can we do to ensure that we are changing with it, and adapting mentally to the new normal?

Scientific studies in color, lighting, and ambience have shown trends in how light-focused ambience can positively affect one’s mood while spending time in a space. Blue light specifically is well known for being useful in calming and focusing people. Today, railway stations and retirement facilities are applying the techniques from these studies to calm the people who are using their spaces.

The Solution

In a world where virtual work and learning environments are one of the greatest obstacles to our productivity, we were inspired to create an ambience experience scientifically proven to improve one’s mood and increase productivity.

We wanted to create a more seamless voice activated system through simple Alex commands without you having to do all of the manual setup and configuration by curating the recommending audio and visual experience.

Introducing a Smart Home 3D ambience experience: Moodii, an Alexa skill that improves your mood and mental state and allows you to maintain and even improve your productivity.

Moodii helps you maintain a work-life balance — without you thinking about it.

This Skill works through a command the user invokes to their Alexa Smart Home system to trigger one of our preset Moodii experiences. Based on the time of day, the command will then trigger an audio experience through the Alexa Speaker and a lighting experience, both based on the Mood invoked. The commands user need to use are: “Alexa, play Calm Moody” or “Alexa, play Study Moody” “Alexa, play Active Moody”

How we built it

Started by developing an Alexa skill which integrates the Phillips Hue light API and Spotify API to trigger a Smart Home system with voice activation commands. Built using node.js and javascript on the Alexa Skill Developer Console Also solved for homes not having a smart home system with an Arduino IoT system that controls a Servo machine to activate "dumb" appliances. We will, when we receive the physical wifi module for arduino, trick Amazon echo into thinking that this servo setup is a smart device.

User research

8 people were interviewed about whether they had the problem, whether they were interested in the product, and whether they would download it.

100% of the interviewees said they had the problem. 100% of the interviewees said they were interested in the solution. 100% of the interviewees said they would download the skill.

Link to the arduino sketch

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We registered the domain, though nothing is hosted on it.

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