With months spent at home, many of us have spent many hours curating various playlists to reflect our moods. For this hackathon, we decided to streamline this process, and create a web app that can offer new playlists for people to listen to.

Our project, moodify, can detect the user's mood through auditory or written cues. Users also have the option to select a mood from a dropdown menu within the app. Moodify will then determine the user's mood, before suggesting playlists that the user may like.

We built moodify using react and node.js. We also used Microsoft azure API to detect the user's mood and then the spotify API to allow the app to modify and suggest playlists to the user. The app was styled using css and bootstrap.

Several challenges that we faced included integrating the azure and spotify APIs. Given how crucial they are to our app, it was important that they were connected and working.

We're proud of how our final product looks.

Through this project, we improved our web development skills, and developed experience working with various APIs.

In the future, we would love to create new playlists for users with unique songs that don’t belong in their own playlist. This way, the user would be able to receive a brand new playlist and discover some new songs.

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