We all go through multiple moods and situations in a single day. Somedays are more turbulent than the others, and in a world and time where the 'new norm' is ever evolving it's very important to be able to thread out our feelings and conciously acknowledge what triggered the negative feeling. On these lines we decided to make a mood detector that changes and plays song as per your mood to help you realise something triggered a mood change. Being able to conciously detect and tackle negative emotions can go a long way in aiding productivity and learning.

What it does

It is a open cv based mood detector that uses various libraries to play the song as per your mood. We built it using opencv, raspberry pi camera and colab

How we built it

Moodify is using opencv, raspberry pi camera and colab to capture images, DeepFace and OpenCV to detect the user’s emotions based on their facial expression. To play the perfect “mood music,” we’re using Google Colab and Audio from the IPython module.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The teamwork ofcourse! This was the first hackathon for half of us and the enthusiasm and coordination and support were definitely unique and spirited. Technically we are very proud to be able to use APIs and modules that we were completely unaware existed.

What's next for Moodify

Oh tons! We want to build a converse of this to be able to alert people around, like parents or teachers so that they can aid the concious thinking and battling of negative emotions.

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