We love music. We wanted to create a product which will highly enhance your music listening experience!

What it does

It is basically an addition to your music application (we were aiming the streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, pandora and etc). It scans through the messages you have sent. It peaks the mood keywords and then provides you with the music that suits you best of all in the current situation. The application is based on Neural Networks. It is self learning from the users, who take part in a Beta - testing.

How we built it

We didn't yet build a working version, however, we got a full promo part and description, as well as an idea of how we can build it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are definitely proud of our promo video. A lot of effort was put into it.

What we learned

We have learned basics of Swift language, nevertheless, it wasn't enough.

What's next for Moodify

Next step is building a working program!

Built With

  • final-cut
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