We like pictures and we like music and our pictures and music say something about ourselves, which we often want to share with our friends. What better way to share feelings with our friends than to share our pictures and music...


We were quite excited about the possibilities that open up when we can connect our music and our pictures. If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much then a picture with a soundtrack! Seeing how we might be able to have an easy way to have the mood and atmospehere from a picture extracted and then put into music, we had to think about how awesome it would be to share this with people we care about.

This is how Moodifi was born. It allows us to either take a picture when we feel like it, or select one that we already have, have it analysed and have a playlist suggestion created for us, which we can then share.

What now

We are now exploring the viability and the limits (or the limitlessness) of this idea and turn this into something that we love to use - and which others will love to use.

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