With our team's lack of experience in coding, we wanted a project that we could easily learn how to make, looked presentable, and was fun to work on while maintaining a strong social impact on the world.

What it does

MOODi is an app that takes user input about their mood and gives them suggestions on things to do, such as games to play, music to listen to, movies to watch, or places to go.

How we built it

MOODi is an android based app that was created in Android Studio and coded in Java.

Challenges we ran into

A challenge we ran into throughout this project was learning to code on the go. Four out of five of our team members had never been to a hackathon before and had never learned to code. We also ran into some challenges when working with Android Studio because none of our group had worked with it before, and the program kept crashing when we would go to use it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of our proudest accomplishments is that the app we ended up making worked exactly how we wanted it to. Also, our UI looked really nice.

What we learned

Some of the things that we learned were new skills in coding, app design, and layout, along with basic skills in Android Studio and first-hand experience in coding a digital product with a team.

What's next for MOODi

We would like to add subcategories in order to have a more enjoyable user experience, and also have MOODi ask follow up questions to determine the best subcategories for you. As a long-term goal, we would like to make emotion detection using vision and machine learning.

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