Do you always get depressed when it's raining? Are you at your happiest when you're away from home? Now you can find out. Sometimes when you're in a dark place, it's hard to remember that it was ever any different. This chrome webapp helps you track the ups and downs of your mood over months and tracking many factors that might affect your mood to help you figure out what affects you.

What it does

It prompts the user every day to input their current mood, and simultaneously accesses local weather, distance from home, and other factors so that the user can see how their mood tracks over time, and also what other factors it tends to correlate with.

How we built it

We used Javascript for most of the inner code, HTML/CSS and Jquery for the web aspects, JSON for the local storage, the Openweathermap api for weather stats, GeoLocation for getting current location, D3 for graphical data representation and Google Maps for address location.

Challenges we ran into

None of us had ever made a Chrome webapp before, so it was a challenge even getting started. In addition, it was our team's first Hackathon, so none of us knew exactly what to expect, or how to work together. A couple of our members also had trouble getting accustomed to Git for version control, which lead to some lengthy merging sessions. We also failed to discuss coding style or standards before starting, so our code ended up as a fragmented mess, and had to be refactored several times.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The UI looks pretty sharp, and figuring out how to make all the dispirite APIs work in concert was quite a feat in-and-of itself. The graphs could also be a very interesting thing to examine once the app has been running on a user's machine for a few months.

What we learned

Organize more, talk more, always have a clear vision before you start coding, and always have fun!

What's next for MoodGraffr

After its showstopping debut on the floor of HackUCI2017, one of the original team members actually installed it on his own machine. A smashing success!

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