Finding music that matches your current mood would be awesome right? What if we could go further and find you parties, gigs, concerts, etc. happening close to you right now that match your current mood? moodgig's got you covered.

For the artists that also means more exposure to an audience that would be more receptive to their music. A win-win situation.

What it does

moodgig is a mobile app. It first asks you to take a selfie and performs a mood detection on that pic. Once you've confirmed the main emotions recognised in the selfie we suggest to you a few nearby gigs where the artists' music also matches those moods.

How we built it

Our camera-based mood detection is powered by the Microsoft Azure Emotion API which finds faces and then recognises emotions in them. List of gigs close to you are retrieved via the Songkick API. Using the Musimap API for each gig we get the artists' music classified into moods too. Our very own mood modelling and matching algorithm then matches your current moods with those artists' music resulting in an ordered list of gigs for you to join. And to give you a taste we provide also a Spotify playlist for that gig. The whole thing is built as a Progressive Web App.

Built With

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