We were inspired to create this app because we know how it’s like to be in a bad mood or just bored. This app contains motivational and happy quotes, funny jokes, and strange but true facts.

What it does

This app can improve your mood, entertain you, or just surprise you with some weird facts. It provides motivational/happy quotes, funny jokes, and strange but true facts.

How I built it

We built this app using MIT-app-inventor.

Challenges I ran into

Although we are proud of our app, we ran into challenges along the way. For example, we were writing the app in a process that we knew would take a long time, but we realized there was a much easier way to do it. In addition, we each separately worked on the app, but when we tried to merge it, it didn’t work. So, we rewrote the app in one project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was our first app, and we were proud to get it running. Also, we are proud that our app actually won a prize.

What I learned

We learned that we should plan before writing the app. We spent a lot of our time working on our app with a complicated process, even though there was a much easier way to write it.

What's next for MoodChanger

We plan on making it complete with interactive quizzes.

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