Depression, stress, mood disorder bother us a lot. Writing down everyday feeling costs too much time for busy hackers. How about an audio assistant which could chat with you, encourage you and helps you to plore your nuance emotions and makes a diary for you?

What it does

  1. chats with you, collect your daily feeling and things you had done.
  2. analyzes your mood.
  3. keeps a diary for you.
  4. provides a website for you to go through your mood diary.

How we built it

We built on Google Assistant and Google Home mini. Node.js for DialogFlow Fulfillment.

Challenges we ran into

It seems that Google Home development documents changes a lot. The team seems to have quite important change on default fulfillment recently and almost all the examples and documents we could find are a little bit out-of-date. We have to do it on our own. The frontend team had a lot of struggle with relatively unfamiliar concepts like async.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

With lots of barriers we still made a test version that works pretty well.

What we learned

Get better understanding about javascript and node.js. Learned how to develop Google Assistant & Google Home apps.

What's next for MoodAssistant

We want to do more analysis of user's input.

Built With

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