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Our goal

  • Our ultimate goal is to use this mobile APP as a technological tool to help people live happier. We want to connect users' emotions with screen colors and recipe suggestions that can lift up their mood. It's a personalized tool: we do have databases for corresponding colors and recipes for a number of emotions, but we enable the users to input their own emotions, favorite colors, and food options as well and store it in our database, so that when the users use it afterwards their options will appear as well.

Who we are

  • Audrey Lai, Northeastern University, Master Student, 2019
  • Jessica Cheng, Northeastern University, 2020
  • Becca Malcom, Northeastern University, 2021
  • Funing Yang, Wellesley College, 2022
  • Yaxin Liu, Wellesley College, 2022

Our Journey

*The Initial Idea Our inspiration stemmed from the phenomenon that people always have leftover foods (ingredients) but don't know how to make the best use of them. This phenomenon often leads to food waste which is detrimental for our environment. Therefore, we decided to make an APP to help people come up with ideas to make their food. Our initial idea was to create a mobile APP that can scan the barcode of certain ingredients and search for potential recipes using the ingredients that the users currently have, and then output the recipes to the users.

*The Second Idea We also have another idea (which is not entirely relevant to the first one) to assess the users' current emotions and to change the wall colors of their homes in response to their mood. Our idea is to help the readers feel happier through the changing of wall colors for colors are said to be associated with people's mood.

*Merging Ideas Comparing our two separate ideas, we realized that maybe we can connect emotions, food, and colors together in order to achieve the effect of using food and colors as means to lift the users' mood. That's how how we came up with our final idea for our project.

*Our Project We've decided to build up an APP that the users can conveniently "choose" their emotional state at the current moment by touching a button of a emotion, then the screen will switch colors from the original default color, white, to the color corresponding to the users' current mood. At the same time, we'll provide the users with recommended recipes to make them feel better. We owe our project to a number of scholarly and popular articles of color psychology and food psychology as well as "" for recipes that we'll make a bibliography in a later section.

We'll also enable user input to personalize user experience. By letting users to type in their current emotions and preferred colors and foods, we can store the input into our database and so that these options will appear the next time that the users open the APP.

  • Our Future Goals Although we have an array of awesome ideas, we did not enough time to work on every single one of them in the Hackathon. (1) Add music Music therapy is also very popular along with food and color therapy. Therefore, we can add more music pieces as an additional tool to make the users feel better: image people cook their favorite meals when listening to music that are in best fit, and having the screen changed to their color of the day. Music, food, and colors are the simple elements that can make people's lives happier, and when you combine all of them together, we are tripling the delights! Of course, the music pieces can be personalized too!

(2) Assess the current emotions of the user using the scanner Sometimes people can't tell their emotions for certain reasons, therefore, our technology is here to help! By scanning people's faces, extract the elements on the face and compare the emotions together, and then assess the emotion then report that to the user.

(3) Expand Our Databases We've tried to provide the users with lists of emotions, colors, and recipes as comprehensive as possible. But due to the lack of time, the lists are still limited, and of course, we know that the connections to certain emotions, food, and colors are affected by several complicated factors. We'd like to expand our databases to fit certain cultural background, gender, age, personal preferences, etc.

(4) Provide Explanations For Our Certain Recommendations People are curious by nature. Therefore, users are likely to be curious about the choices of certain colors and food related to their emotions so that we can provide brief explanations for them to satisfy people's curiosity, and it can also have educational values.


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