Mood was built when the founders realized that it is really hard for people who struggle with mental health issues to find therapists, and mental healths. We realized that what if we were able to create an app that lets someone enter a mood and they could get a location near by that connects to what they are feeling (ex. if they are depressed then the algorithms will find the nearest support resources for them, or even fun places to raise their spirits). We then realized that if we allowed for a versatile number of moods, then we could build a large supportive community.

What it does

Mood is a mobile app that allows users to create profiles, and then pick a mood from a list of a categories. After picking a mood, users have the option to writing a blurb on why they are feeling this way and then can publicly or anonymously share this "moo" in a general area (a radius chosen in their settings). Users are then redirected to a map where locations related to their mood pop up and they can then choose to go there and uplift their spirits and/or continue to have a good time and connect with friends/new people. If they use a sad emotion or are feeling anxiety then the app will link them to online and real life mental resources. This allows the app to be a form of social media and entertainment but also have a real impact and help many lives.

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