With none of us having much experience with hardware, we decided to play around with Google Home and see how we could use it to connect people. Our first idea was to use it as a way for teenagers to communicate their feelings with their parents or other family members. We decided to move towards more of a general mental health perspective.

What it does

By talking to Mood Setter, and telling it how you are currently feeling, you can update your online mood status, and notify your support system about how you are feeling. The background colours change depending whether your current mood is "good" or "bad" and tracks the last two moods you felt.

How we built it

We used Dialogflow to train an action for the Google Home Mini, testing with the simulator. We created a React app to have visuals for results from the action. We used Firebase real-time database to store data from the Google Home Mini actions.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating Firebase with our React web app was challenging. We thought a React/Firebase library would be the easiest solution, but ended up with a poor library that took a lot of unnecessary time to try to work with. We ended up using the basic Javascript integration. Having not worked with hardware before, it was a challenge figuring out how to connect the Google Home Mini with what we had worked on on our computers.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of how we scoped the project, and getting to work and play with the features of the Google Home Mini.

What we learned

Our team learned how to navigate Dialogflow for the Google Home Mini and how to use Firebase to store data as well as how to learn to work with unfamiliar hardware in general. We also learned how to create a React app and connect it with Firebase's real-time database to get updates.

What's next for Mood Setter

While what we have now is simple, we hope to improve Mood Setter to be a tool that can connect those who are struggling with the people who are there to support them in a new and simple way. We know how hard it is to physically type out a message to someone and ask for help or support when you are struggling so to be able to just speak out how you are feeling and have it logged will help during times when even looking at your phone is an overwhelming task. We want to further develop Mood Setter so that you are able to track your mood for a longer period of time as well as be able to have your support system be updated when your mood changes.

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