Today, music is often accompanied by 2D “visuals” at concerts and events. We expanded this idea to a third dimension and created an immersive world to compliment the music and the moods that it expresses. Each room has different interactive objects that can be picked up and played with, thus transporting the user to a new room to experience! Here is a list of the rooms that we created during the 24-hr hackathon, HackXX:

Candy Skies:     The inspiration behind this mood room comes from 8bit pixels and low-poly retro videogames that we all grew up with. Similarly, the song was created by Porter Robinson, who has developed his entire sound based of a similar motif. The general goal of this room is to bring you back to a simpler and happier time. We hope you enjoy the outlandishness of the floating island!

Iguana Town:     Blinking mushrooms, wagging tails, and a magical guarded egg complete this room. It is set to the tune of the Trippy Turtle Theme. Find a place to dance around, watch the lights, and steal the egg.

Dragon Room:     This room was inspired by Japanese meditation gardens. The room is designed to relax the user with its rejuvenating blue shades, calming music, and healing water.

Birthday Party Room: This room is reminiscent of an a-typical birthday party. There are dancing bunnies, body guards, birthday balloons, colorful spheres, and party poppers to play with. This room is more interactive, and even more toys can be added to this room to immerse the user in an entertaining atmosphere!


The goal of our hack was to create a VR experience that fully immersed the user into the music we loved. We all have different mediums that lend themselves as a proxy to our own experiences, and we hope you enjoy mood rooms as much as we enjoyed showing you our world.

Challenges and Accomplishments

As a team compromised entirely of first-time hackers, the most challenging part of this project was trying to learn everything on-the-go and creating a project that we we are proud of. This is our first experience working with Virtual Reality technologies, such as Unity and C#, but it definitely will not be our last!

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