What inspired you?

We were interested in using wearables since it has multiple sensors. With so many health options, we decided to focus on mental health. Thus, we decided to track moods and help those who need that extra pick me up

What does it do?

It tracks your mood with your heart rate.

How did you make it?

Use the SDK for the Microsoft Band and programmed it with Java in Android Studio

What were some challenges

It was hard to find someone who specialized in Android Studio. There were some bugs, and the documentation was challenging. The size of the band is too large.

What are we proud of

We got it to work at some point. We got it to read each person's mood accurately at a given point.

What we learned

You got to push yourself, but also remember that you only have a limited amount of time. It doesn't have to be perfect. Also learned a lot about SDK's, API's, and the use of wearables.

What's next for Mood-o-meter

We can use the analytics to see how the persons mood changes throughout the day. We could also see how the combination of sensors along with mood tracking correlate to symptoms of mental and eating disorders like seasonal depression. We could also pair it up with other devices like the Muse headband so that we can track neural activity as well for a more refined reading.

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