We all love music, so we wanted to help music listeners. Since the theme of the hackathon was social good, we decided to make a project that helped music listeners with emotional health.

What it does

HeartBeat is a website that recommends you a different Spotify playlist depending on your mood. The user can manually input their mood from a selection of buttons or the camera can automatically identify the user's emotion.

How we built it

We used an HTML template to create the front end. We updated the HTML and JavaScript to allow the user to interact with the site properly. We embedded the Spotify playlists to make a complete user experience. To get the emotion analysis, we added webcam functionality, then used the Vision Cloud Machine Learning APIs from the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to extract the emotion from the image. Finally, we registered for a domain name where we can host our project for a year.

Challenges we ran into

We had not used GCP before, so setting up accounts and integrating its Python into our existing HTML was quite hard to navigate.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the GCP integration because we came in knowing nothing, and yet we created a project that has webcam and emotion analysis functionality!

What we learned

We learned all about the GCP and machine vision. We improved our HTML and JavaScript skills.

What's next for HeartBeat

With more time HeartBeat would become a mobile app for Android and iOS, and we would use the Spotify API to recommend more personalized and varied playlists depending on the ratio of emotions displayed.

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