As teenagers with teenage angst, we use music as an outlet for all of the messy emotions we experience. For the general public as well, music is a form of therapy for them, and our goal with this project is to help those who are struggling by providing them with new music that correlates to their moods, aids them in sorting out their own feelings, and potentially improves their mental health.

What it does

Moods Make Music is a web developed app that provides users with different songs to listen to based on their mood. Site users can choose from four different moods, and then submit to get a song recommendation as well as a link to the song on The site also provides additional information on moods and mental health, conveyed in a visually-pleasing way.

How I built it

To create this web application, we took a small list of four common emotions and then five songs that correlate to each. We developed our frontend in using HTML and CSS but connected it with our backend in Python using Flask to create a web server. The backend will randomize the user’s choice from the radio buttons and then output the song title, artist, and working URL to the user along with a link back to the main webpage. Overall, we used HTML and CSS to create a late-90s and early-2000s themed aesthetic to add a personal “journal” feel due to the large appeal of mood jewelry at the time!

Challenges I ran into

Since 2/4 of our members have never coded before and the other two have very minimal experience, the main issue was connecting our frontend and our backend together. It took hours of research, talking it through, and asking mentors until we were able to understand the format and the necessities to allow the sites to function together in a cohesive way. At one point, we all had around 15 tabs of guides and videos in each of our computers trying to figure out how to do this one feature (maybe this didn’t help with our loading times :P!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

As beginner-coders competing in their first hackathon, we were all ecstatic that we were able to create a functional site in the first place. Despite our limited or non-existing skill levels at the beginning, we are proud that we were able to make the site interactive and responsive to the user. In addition, this is our first time working as a group, so we are very proud of the fact we were able to work so well together.

What I learned

With this being our first hackathon, we were put in a place where we had to learn an extensive amount of information in a short amount of time. With the help from mentors and our own research, we were able to gain a basic knowledge of Python, figure out how a web app is developed and how to utilize features of different platforms that were foreign to us, as well as improve our skills on working with a team to create a project from a simple idea we came up with.

What's next for Moods Make Music

We have many new ideas for the future of Moods Make Music, the largest one in particular is to develop the web app into a user interface, so that users could create an account to journal their moods and how they felt about their day/the song. We would also like to add more moods and add more songs into our database, perhaps incorporating Spotify as well!

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