As technology moves towards “smart technology”, there have been more and more advances towards revolutionizing plain everyday items into more functional technology. Our team focused on methods to refashion standard dorm room items (such as windows, desks, lights, etc.) and create new functionality and customizability for them. Originally, the idea was to transform windows to act like a tablet; however, even for veteran hackers, it seems impossible to do in 22 hours. We then came up with the idea to manipulate lights according to room temperature.

How I built it/How it works

An LED strip, a light sensor and a thermostat is connected to an Arduino board through a breadboard. Data from the thermostat and light sensor is computed into a color spectrum (warm temperatures correlates to warmer colors and cool temperatures correlates to cooler colors, darker environments dim the light) where the program randomly selects a specific shade of the corresponding color group.

The LED strip is lit depending on the temperature and brightness of the room, not only dynamically changing lights in a room, but also producing colors that are more relevant to the general perception of the room.

Challenges I ran into

  • Learned pretty much everything during the hackathon
  • Arduino Board didn’t work
  • Dimmer didn’t work
  • Last minute, the blue light started to blink

What's next for Mood LEDs

There are many next steps this project can take; one of them being the implementation of wearable technology. With the introduction to things like the Apple Watch and the Pebble Watch, wearable technology is a growing trend that society is moving towards. As a specific example, a Pebble watch can measure stress levels or mood levels and vary lights to subconsciously effect one’s mood.


We would like to thank all the hackers and mentors who were kind enough to offer us immense help with both our software and hardware problems. We were lucky enough to have these guys help us point out our mistakes, find solutions to problems we didn’t think were solvable, and provide us with hardware when we needed it.

Also a big thank you to the organizers who provided us with this wonderful experience and managed to provide us with an endless supply of snacks and drinks.

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