We wanted to determine emotion through gifs and stickers!

What it does takes an image of a face and through our custom emotion model built with Clarifai, it is able to determine the emotion of the face from the concepts that we built - Angry, Confused, Disgust, Happy, Sad, Scared, and Surprised. Once the emotion is determined, the home page asks for key words that you can add and once you hit submit, the website brings you to a results page where you can see related gifs and stickers of the mood and keyword that was inputed.

How we built it

Using Python, we were able to wire up the website with Flask, a web development framework, and create a pretty front end with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap3 and JavaScript. We used the Clarifai API to train our emotion model and we used the GIPHY api to grab gifs related to the emotion and keyword.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into was building the javascript behind the website and creating the connections needed to build the website better.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud to have hit both endpoints of the APIs and retrieve and gather appropriate information.

What we learned

We learned how to use Flask with Python and some web development fundamentals.

What's next for

We hope to use the web camera to allow live-streaming capabilities with real-time emotion prediction response.

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