Statistically, 6.7% of American Adults suffer from Major Depressive Disorder in a given year. However, in some places, mental health is still taboo to talk about. The track I followed is Assistive Technology, since mental health disorders are a very real debilitating disorder.

What it does

Directs you to links based on your mood and tries to cheer you up. The purpose of the website is silly but also tries to bring more discussion and awareness about mental health and depression.

How I built it

Most of the designs were made with website builder, a program within Afterwards, finishing touches and extra details were implemented with html and javascript. Theres a Info and Resources page as well as a comments page.

Challenges I ran into

As a one person team, it was hard meeting the deadline for all my ideas. Since I did arrive late at hackNYU, it was difficult to find a team, so I powered through. If I had more time, I would like to learn how to use Google Cloud's Machine Learning API so that the links are varied based on data. Also, the mobile site doesn't work.

Overall, I should have paid more attention to the technical aspects of the project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

For my first website, I was able use my creativity. I'm also proud of drawing and creating the title-icon myself.

What I learned

Basic Web Building and Design, and basic concepts from HTML and JavaScript.

What's next for "Day-Maker"

After hackNYU, I will try to vary the links up by creating a randomizer and make it more personalized to the user (probably by making them log into social media). I will also fix the mobile site and refine the designs more. I also want to play around with user interaction with the site so it serves more utility.

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