MOOD FRAME (c) 2011 OnTarget - is an application which allows forquick and intuitive comments as well as, provide emotional responseto what is going on during a television show or live event by theviewer on their TV screen.The application features 'markers' that move at the top of the screenduring a show or event, that designate; actors, players or objects thatare tracked by the MOOD FRAME (c) application.Each 'marker' can be selected by viewer to comment with a smiley orany list of graphical, textual or sound (or combination of) elementsby selection via the TV controller.The smiley that the viewer selects then appears in the place of the'marker' for a duration of 5 seconds or until such time as the viewerdecidesto select a different 'marker' to comment and express their feelings.The 'markers' can be integrated with the video or live event transmission.In the future, a video or live event will be presented with streaming'marker' positions directly via the MOOD FRAME application.We have for the purpose of this competition prepared a demonstration video.Widget interacts LIVE with the server uploading the requested smileysdisplayed on the screen and loading corresponding texts. The 'marker'positions for the actors in the video are fed directly from our server.This application will allow for posting smileys, comments to other viewersand will display statistics of how many viewers selected the same 'marker'as well as, reporting what smileys were selected by viewers of a particularshow or live event.MOOD FRAME - Copyright (c) 2010 OnTarget Sp. z o.o. All Rights ReservedThis product is protected by copyright and distributed under licensesrestricting copying, distribution and decompilation.

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