Staying Sane at Home


Many of us are facing mental health issues, and we are trying to find a way to help to relieve stress or any other kind of mental health issue. So we decided to make an app to help to ease the stress for the user to help to make them feel better-using music, jokes, motivational thoughts, and so on.

What it does

There are 3 options where the user can choose from. If the user is feeling angry, or frustrated, or depressed, they would click on the "anger" button, where a 2-minute long soothing music will be played to ease their stress. If the user is feeling anxious, they can click on the anxiety button where random funny jokes will be popped out so the user can have a good laugh. And lastly, if the user is feeling sad or depressed, they can click on the sad button where random motivational thoughts and quotes would be shown to cheer them up. Lastly, if the user wants to share their thoughts, they would share them by clicking the bottom button to type something in and share their thoughts.

How we built it

We utilized the Android Studio software to create our app, and incorporated code to add features and improve functionality and design. To display jokes when the user is anxious, we used the random algorithm in the backend that picked a short joke at random from a list of jokes, which makes it more engaging for the user. Likewise, the motivation thoughts are displayed using the random algorithm in the backend.

Challenges we faced

Most of us were developing an Android App for the first time. We had to figure out its installation and embedding video in our Android App.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We feel proud to develop a working android app that aims to cheer up people during this pandemic. This is a great achievement for us as a team as we are still beginners to hackathons. We feel accomplished to be able to put our thoughts and ideas into a working android app.

What's next for Mood Cheerer:)

We aim to make the app more helpful by adding more features: a. A page where users can seek help from doctors in their area. b. Add more features to boost their negative mood. We hope to expand past Android as well and offer our app for iOS users.

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