University can be very stressful at times and sometimes the resources you need are not readily available to you. This web application can help students relax by completing positive "mindfulness" tasks to beat their monsters. We decided to build a web application specifically for mobile since we thought that the app would be most effective if it is very accessible to anyone. We implemented a social aspect to it as well by allowing users to make friends to make the experience more enjoyable. Everything in the design was carefully considered and we always had mindfulness in mind, by doing some research into how colours and shapes can affect your mood.

What it does

Mood prompts you to choose your current mood on your first login of every day, which then allows us to play music that matches your mood as well as create monsters which you can defeat by completing tasks meant to ease your mind. You can also add friends and check on their progress, and in theory be able to interact with each other through the app by working together to defeat the monsters, however, we haven't been able to implement this functionality yet.

How we built it

The project uses Ruby on Rails to implement the backend and JavaScript and React Bootstrap on the front end. We also used GitHub for source control management.

Challenges we ran into

Starting the project, a lot of us had issues downloading the relevant software as we started by using a boilerplate but through collaboration between us we were all able to figure it out and get started on the project. Most of us were still beginning to learn about web development and thus had limited experience programming in JavaScript and CSS, but again, through teamwork and the help of some very insightful mentors, we were able to pick up these skills very quickly, each of us being able to contribute a fair portion to the project.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Every single member in this group has learned a lot from this experience, no matter their previous experience going into the hackathon. The more experienced members did an amazing job helping those who had less experience, and those with less experience were able to quickly learn the elements to creating a website. The thing we are most proud of is that we were able to accomplish almost every one of our goals that we had set prior to the hackathon, building a fully functioning website that we hope will be able to help others. Every one of us is proud to have been a part of this amazing project, and look forward to doing more like it.

What's next for Mood

Our goal is to give the help to those who need it through this accessible app, and to make it something user's would want to do. And thus to improve this app we would like to: add more mindfulness tasks, implement a 'friend collaboration' aspect, as well as potentially make a mobile application (iOS and Android) so that it is even more accessible to people.

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