Monzo is a bank based entirely on a smartphone app. However, we noticed that if your went abroad you may not be able to view notifications for transactions or your balance if you did not have data roaming which can be quite expensive. Luckily SMS is cheap and so this project allows a user to request that transaction information is sent to them via SMS using the Twilio API and Monzo API. We found that this is actually a requested feature on the Monzo forum.: community.monzo.com/t/abroad-sms-notifications/4854

The AWS server runs the code to authenticate users with Monzo's OAuth as well as handling webhooks from Monzo and Twilio. At this time it is not possible to authenticate other users due to Monzo limitations. Users will get transaction reports near instantly pushed to them and they can send messages to our bot to ask questions about their account such as their balance and daily spend.

We aim to integrate IBM Watson further into the project to allow natural conversations with the system.

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