We spent few months abroad last summer and wanted to see and do everything. That made us realize that in our hometown, Montreal, we are not exploring at all. We go to the same bars, the same restaurents and attend very few events when there is so much going on.

What it does

Using a minimalist UI, the web application proposes differents vibes based on the time of the day. For each vibe, a serie of activities is suggested to the adventurous person. We trully believe that this application can be insightful for a tourist visiting Montreal for the first time or even for a Montreal connaisseur.

How we built it

The front-end was built using Reactjs. This gave us the possibility to build a very responsive UI giving an overall better user experience. The back-end was build using Nodejs. The data was taken from different sources and was augmented using the google place API.

Challenges we ran into

One of our hardest challenge was to fetch the data. The data was not easily accessible and giving good proposition is not an easy task. However, we believe that we have done a good job overcomming those challenges.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we got to build such a nice application. We trully believe that this application can allows Montreal to encourage the local community and the tourists to explore the city and discover it's true beauty. We really think that the people will like the application because of it's ease of use and its usefulness in everyday's life.

What we learned

We learned to build an application for a real person considering the UX pitfalls that can occur during the conception.

What's next for Montreal Vibes

We have many great ideas and inspirations for the future of Montreal Vibes. We obviously would like to add more activities and moods to the app. We could also make our suggestion types broader by including youtube playlists, live concerts, netflix series and more. In the events of Montreal Vibes becoming more and more popular, it could be monetized by offering sponcerships to companies. Sponcered companies would be suggested more often in the suggestions. This suggestion would be clearly identified as a sponcored suggestion for our users. We can even assume that a successful monetization of the app would allow us to expans the "vibes" concept to many cities in the world.

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