We didn't know of a convenient one-stop place to check on weather, power outages, or road issues in Monterey Bay.

What it does

Tweets every four hours with important info about outages, road issues, and weather around the Monterey Bay area.

How we built it

Each person was tasked with creating a separate class for each API that accesses and formats its data. We tied all of our work together in Github and collaborated to have it working on Amazon Web Services.

Challenges we ran into

We had issues with pulling and pushing to Github. There was a challenge in getting relevant info from the power outage API as well as the static map image API, then understanding how to traverse the JSON we got back. Having our bot run on Amazon Web Services was also a significant obstacle since none of us had any prior experience with it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were excited to figure out how to create something that tweets as well as being able to deploy it on a web server. But most of all we were glad to get a clean looking and working product.

What we learned

We gained experience in coding in Python, using with the command line, using Github, deploying to Amazon Web Services, and working as a team under pressure.

What's next for Monterey Bay Bot

We want our map to be more descriptive and also provide more relevant info about power outages such as those upcoming.

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