Took us at least 10 hours (not joking) to choose an idea, making some research, concluding on some ideas that are not that much unique while having fun. We finally just took a decision on an idea which seemed both realistic and having enough potential: a cryptocurrency for the municipal/government. It is mostly to reward good behavior. Mining is no use since the difficulty is artificially low and reserved for the first owners (government). Mining isn't needed here and that's what makes it interesting.

What it does

MontEco is a cryptocurrency which can be used to get taxes credits and other exclusive rewards for good behavior, mostly around the environment context. No waste on energy since it's no use to try to mine it. Yet, it still has its own decentralized ecosystem, as with most cryptocurrencies. The government is the source of distribution, with a limited supply for now!

How we built it

We used cryptonote's resources to make it, having to deal with settings and servers (google cloud). For the website, we used React, React-Spring, Express and some useful tools. We mostly wrote code using Visual Studio Code and Notepad++.

Challenges we ran into

The cryptonote's libraries are so old that some packages need special care to install, making it also hard to reproduce for other people. Also one of our members left just before we got into work. Rip to our dearly but lazy friend :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Good part of the system is working which is quite interesting. I mean, it's crypto hype! We also tried to overcome some difficulties for so long that the reward got really delicious. It nearly tasted as good as the pizza.

What we learned

We learned a good amount of things on cryptocurrencies and we learned on how google cloud works.

What's next for MontEco

We are interested to add a modern touch to cryptonote's libraries since they're quite useful. Sadly, the whole thing might need a rewrite and hopefully in a more maintainable language. Also, MontEco could be optimized for actual use in the government, rewarding great citizens daily.

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