This project was inspired by several online photo editors that use HTML5 canvas API.

What it does

With this application it is possible to add custom frames to photos. It also allows you to write customizable texts, add emoticons and I'm currently integrating a new feature that allows you to apply filters.

How I built it

On the back-end, Wordpress API Rest was used, as well as its structure to manage all the content available for photos, such as PNG frames, background images and emoticons, as well as text content to describe the details of the frame. and other information.

In the Front-end part it was written with Fabricjs and other secondary libraries.

Challenges I ran into

It was the first time I had to deal with the HTML5 Canvas API. For that I had to study the Fabricjs library that handles the API very well.

What I learned

I loved learning the Fabricjs library

What's next for Montagem de Fotos

In the future, I intend to implement features to apply effects to photos, and at the moment, I am developing a menu based on tabs to facilitate usability.

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