This project is inspired by the delicious pizza that we once ate and I imagined that while the pizza is closed, it seems to live its life for those short 30-40 minutes that it is delivered to us, something like how toys on the shelves wake up when you go to bed. I wanted to do something cute, childish and funny. To create a small world of monsters who love pizza very much.

What it does

The effect can be used as pizza delivery promotions, for example, "marker" can be on a leaflet or even the logo itself can be a marker, then pointing at the pizza box you could open it and see these insatiable cute monsters who have already eaten almost half of your pizza! On the box itself, there is a lot of free space left inside, there may be, for example, a promo code for the next order or something like that.

P.S In order to see the effect, you need to use the main camera of your phone, point it at the marker (for this effect, the standard image of the template "Marker" marker was used) and click on the pizza box to open it.

How we built it

The standard template "Marker" was used to base the effect. All models were created specifically for this competition. The monster model was modeled in Nomad sculpt. Mixamo was used for rigging and animation. The pizza box, pizza and its ingredients were made in Cinema 4d. All textures were drawn in Procreate. The monsters' voice acting was done using a microphone and FLstudio

Challenges we ran into

When I first started the project, I had enough time to work, but I spent a lot of time modeling a pizza box, it seems to be such a simple model, but it took me a lot of time and effort. So the first problem I encountered was limited time for all other tasks. It was difficult for me to figure out how to combine all the animations into one, to save space, but after a few try and reflections, the goal was achieved. I also wanted to make a shadow of the box, but unfortunately it clashed with other shadows.

When we published the effect, the glare from the pizza disappeared somewhere, to check, we published the same effect from another page and everything is displayed correctly there, for what reason it is not clear...but if anything, we attach a link to the effect where everything looks correct

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that I can recreate my idea from beginning to end, with the help of my imagination and skills, and I really enjoyed doing this effect.

What we learned

While I was working on this project, I felt that my modeling and texturing skills had increased

What's next for Monsters pizza

I would like monsters to find a use for themselves and be useful for the delivery of a real pizzeria, delighting customers with their funny antics.

Built With

  • cinema4d
  • flstudio
  • mixamo
  • nomadsculpt
  • photoshop
  • procreate
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