Shopping is often boring. We wanted to improve the experience for families shopping together.

What it does

An augmented reality zombie shooter game to be implemented in retail stores.

How I built it

We integrated Google Tango API into a unity framework to provide realtime location tethering and an engaging graphical interface for consumers.

Challenges I ran into

There were issues with the integration of the area description file into the unity framework and the use of this file for location tethering and dropping virtual objects. There are ongoing issues with the implementation of projectile motion within this framework as framerate can drop when implemented the projectile animation.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our team is proud of using area learning to effectively map out our enviornment and overlay a graphical interface.

What I learned

I learned the basics of google Tango API, unity, C#, and video game design.

What's next for MonsterMart

Improving game play, licensing, location tethering, directing customers through the store, advertising/promotion opportunites

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