Monster Metal is a block stacking tower game with a twist! Players must take turns to remove a shipping crate from the middle of the stack and place it on top, creating a taller, less stable structure. What makes it unique is not only the inclusion of monsters and additional hazards but also the use of complete positional movement tracking!

Firstly, the Gear VR is placed on the surface that will house the tower. After a brief calibration period, the headset can now be worn. Players can then fully move around the tower with full 6DOF (Degrees of Freedom). On their turn, players look at the block they want to move/remove, then press and hold the button on the side of the Gear VR. While the button is held and through physical movements, players can push/pull the block until it is free... being careful not to knock other blocks! Once a block is removed (and still with the button held), players attempt to place the block on the top of the stack, to end their turn.

The button dictates that a force is to be exerted on a target block. Target blocks will "glow" when looked at, with a green glow representing blocks that can be moved and a red glow indicating blocks that cannot be moved (typically, the top 2 rows).

Players will only have a limited amount of time to take their turn. Being a monster, the humans, in game, will start to become scared, unleashing air strikes, missile barrages or tank platoons on the players location. Any one of these could hit the stack - and with it being on their turn, that could mean they lose!

Milestone 3: Further improvements to the position algorithm. We're working on filtering the calculated position values to remove movement "jitter", and we're so close! We've begun the gameplay elements, which can be seen in the video. Players can use position and orientation to focus on a block, ray-casting is performed on button press and a block is grabbed. And then position and orientation cause the block to move, as expected. Nice things to come will include:

  • actual win/lose conditions (detecting if multiple blocks hit the surface)
  • a visual cue for which block you're looking at, and if you can actually move it
  • a prettier scene (in the works!)
  • missiles and other elements, targeting the monsters!
  • some UI telling you your player number, countdown to impending attacks etc.

Milestone 2: Base level has been constructed, along with the initial "shipping crate" to be used as the blocks. Major strides have been made with the position calculation system, multi-threading the algorithm, continually acquiring (and processing) sensor updates and the first pass position system is almost complete.

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