What we have built

Monster is a portal for gamers to buy/list/sell in-game assets such as skins, characters focused on mobile-gaming.

We are blockchain based marketplace specifically for gaming meaning only tokens/NFTs that of games (in game assets) will be traded/listed/bought here.

For the MVP we have built an in-dApp game called monster pad with which you can use dApp features

Monster Pad is a TCG (Trading Card Game) to collect all the available cards in the set.

This can be done by:

  • Buying and petting Monsters
  • Evolving cards after collecting sufficient number of monster cards
  • Buying specific cards from an open marketplace


Gamers cannot sell their in-game assets to their friends or to anyone in public

Gamers dont have the option of taking their money out of the game. Their investment in a single game is locked forever. Gamers want the option of taking their money out of a game and buy assets of a new trending game.

Marketplace for an ecosystem of games is required. Gaming is predominantly with mobile devices and platform the solves all the problems above is required.

Infra needed for game developers/production companies to make it easier for them to release their in-game assets on the chain.

How we built it

Built a react-native dApp connected to wallet connect and built the in-dApp game monsterPad deployed the contracts for buying, petting, listing monsters with minting ERC721 and Marketplace contracts. The Rarity and the type of breed got after minting and petting a monster is decided by Chain link VRF which returns a random number with which we do calculations. The resulting number after calculations are grouped as sets with different set size related to the rarity we decided for common, rare and ultra-rare monsters

Challenges we ran into

We spent a huge amount of time figuring about to setup a react native dApp.

Connecting Walletconnect to respective wallets and getting the provider instance itself was huge pain which kept was running for a week.

We tried implementing a ERC1155 contract but we failed to setup the whole architecture of the contract for our needs. Now we built all our requirements through ERC721 contracts.

Getting the marketplace contract to return all the listed NFTs consumed a lot of time as well. This made it hard to integrate the Marketplace contract with the UI within Deadline.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A beautiful mobile Dapp UI which you can login through any EVM based chain wallets registered in wallet connect.

You buy and pet monsters through the App and have a page showing all the monsters you own.

A marketplace where you can list/sell and buy in-game assets for instance monsters here.

What we learned

Learned to use Chainlink VRF, We specifically learnt how to build a mobile dApp rather than a browser one. Building a mobile dApp has very less documentation which we could follow

What's next for Monster

Our current MVP is a react native app through which users can signup using any EVM based wallet registered with wallet connect

The app currently consist of a single in-dApp game. Our next immediate steps are:

We will be building a developers platform to make it easier for game devs to convert their game to a web3 on chain game.

Integrating the dApp with marketplace contract where users can list assets of any game they own. We will be making it more social app with which you can connect with friends and share/trade skins between each other.

Our Vision is to build the whole gaming portal of web3 bridging gamers and developers

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