I have a love for design and people. I think that the best designers don’t understand just design alone, but understand the world and people in it: the thing that we are fundamentally designing for. I wanted to combine my love for nature and people to create something than can be used in a positive way.

What it does

My effect summons an animated beast when it is pointed at this recycling bin. There is text that says "FEED THE BEAST" with a cute yet cool monster that wants your recyclable items. It's facial expression changes from hangry to happy when it eats something recyclable. The goal I had was to encourage kids to recycle (while showing what they can recycle in the monsters stomach) in an entertaining way.

How I built it

Photoshop and SparkAR

Challenges I ran into

It only works on my recycling bin, I would like it to target track the recycling symbol so it can work universally, but I wasn't able to accomplish that...just yet.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The different layers to this looks cool even from the side ;)

What I learned

I learned how to work with animation and depth in SparkAR.

What's next for FEED THE BEAST (RECYCLE)

Make it target track a recycling symbol so it can work universally. The monster could look even cooler with more animation added in. Perhaps add hand tracking so if you make a tossing motion, it's facial expression changes from hangry to happy then.

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