I always loved Monopoly, but it was boring with two players. I also loved investment, and I decided to implement this into two player Monopoly to make it WAY more fun, happening, and educative.

What it does

Just play Monopoly like normal, but now you can engage in a checking account, understand and acquire the benefits of interest, buy and sell shares in the Stock Market from some well known (and funny) companies, and issue bonds to companies so you can get the long term benefit of investing with mutual bonds.

How I built it

Using Python as the backbone and Tkinter as the GUI.

Challenges I ran into

Making seperate GUI's for each player. I could fix it, though.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to emulate the Stock Market! That's hard!

What I learned

I learned so much in this process about how mutual bonds work, and how checking accounts and the Stock Market work. In an attempt to teach others, I also learned myself about finance.

What's next for Monopoly: FINANCE

Next time, I might take investing to a whole new level by adding a feature to invest in companies, and that would give so many more attributes to this project. Some of which include equity, line of credit, partnerships, and so much more!

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