• GSoft Challenge (Pomodoro)
  • Shutterstock API (Search)
  • SunLife (Burnout)
  • Octave (Music Player)
  • Telus (Mental Health)

What it does

  • Pomodoro timed messages
  • Aggregate priority messages so when the pomodoro timer is up, you get all the important messages you've missed in one spot
  • While pomodoro in effect, a music player and slideshow overlay the app to prevent distractions from notifications
  • Reduce workplace burnout through music and employee feels less overwhelmed not having to constantly stop their current task to check messages
  • Prevents nonproductive behavior and distractions caused by constantly checking messages as they're posted

How I built it

  • React front-end
  • Slack API integrations
  • Cloud Firestore back-end

Challenges I ran into

  • Figuring out Zendesk doesn't work for our project and a lot of time was spent trying to understand the API

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Getting a proof of concept that demonstrates our idea

What I learned

  • Slack API
  • React API calls
  • Cloud Firestore

What's next for monologue

  • Work on more integrations and a nicer UI

Built With

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