We built this project based on our passion for creating projects and believing that innovation is possible.

What it does

A smart mirror with security and home automation features allows you to control smart objects around your home and monitor it with a security suite built to outlast.

How we built it

Using python as our main framework and an amazon alexa as the voice navigation to guide you towards your new smart home. Raspberry Pi's are the brains of control around the household and well as many other discrete components.

Challenges we ran into

Definitely time. We were so excited to complete our endless list of features until we came down to review our priorities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Staying up for 30+ hours and still being able work together as a team.

What we learned

Priority is key, and we are not super men. But we are Los Hackers.

What's next for Monolith

We plan to continue this on our own as for we truly believe this is innovative, has room for lots of improvement, and is a project we definitely can not leave behind.

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