We wanted to create a free open source tool that facilitates student learning and helps with teacher administration.

What it does

We have a front end teacher view and mobile student view. The front end teacher iew has a presentation mode and an administration mode. In presentation mode, the teacher can show questions to the class, show the results of these questions, and show a transcription of their voice to text. In administration mode, the teacher can create questions, control attendance, and view attendance.

In the mobile student view, students can check in to class. The check in requires a session ID received in class. Once checked in, students receive different types of questions which they can then answer on their phones.

How we built it

The back end is a Java websocket server. The front end is built with React, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. The mobile view is built with Android Studio. The voice to text uses Google Cloud-Speech-to-Text api and Python3

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out and debugging the communication from the many moving parts. We all had to be on the same page for every JSON object we sent and received from each of our parts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We all had different skill sets and none of us knew each other beforehand. But we were able to each have our own big individual part and bring them together in the end. We have a WORKING prototype!

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