We were inspired by the game Detroit android city. The game has a robot with AI who tried to draw art.

What it does

We collect real art in a new format!

How we built it

We build Legendary portrait from fully generate images by AI. Total we receive for this portrait 10126 pictures, interpretations of “Monna Liza” - how it see our Ai. And then generate full portrait from this images. We have used few GPUs RTX TITANs for make this project possible, GPUs course fast generation of iterations require real hard devices. For the mint out product We have used xrpl blockchain.

Challenges we ran into

We faced different problems: 1) It was very difficult to generate a large number of pictures we used different GPUs for this, we are revising the code for our task. 2) It is also difficult to put all these pictures together and get one high quality picture 2) We also faced the problem that not one market place is not ready for the quality of our NFT

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are incredibly happy with the result of our work and the fact that we can take part in this competition.

What we learned

We were learned AI GPT-3, PyTorch etc...

What's next for MonnoLiza AI Ritratto di Monna Lisa del Giocondo 2022

We want to continue creating art with AI technology. We are creating project “WorldArtAI” WorldArtAI is a platform where you can create your own NFTs with AI by keyword, as well as buy or sell your NFTs on our marketplace. We create value for art with the help of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence, the value of your NFTs will be formed from the quantity and quality of NFT. With our technology, now everyone can be the author and creator of unique art made totally with the artificial intelligence!

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