We wanted to create something unique that showcases a more productive direction for NFT technology than simple art collectibles. One main use case for this NFT is to store data for a web page. The metadata can be edited while saving gas fees.

What it does

Our platform helps users create an experimental NFT which combines the NFT standard with a metadata server and allows users to edit their NFT data while minimizing blockchain transaction fees.

How we built it

We created a combination of the NFT standard with a metadata server like OpenSea's. We use Moralis as the database to feed the API data and checking oracles ChainLink Price Feeds as an antispam mechanism. The users mint the NFT using our front end web page and store it in their Metamask wallet.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into two main categories of challenges - the first is individual particular challenges like the developers dealing issues on Moralis servers updating the NFT metadata (but we didn't have the same issue using OpenSea) and hit or miss communication, but the main thematic challenges related more to system architecture as a whole and bringing our project vision to life in a complete form which marries different layers utilizing different technologies to work together. Working out the bugs in this system was challenging to the team as a whole.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are most proud of our work as a team, combining many different individual skill sets to create a working platform. We are also happy we had to learn so many new aspects of Moralis and complete a project that uses mainly Moralis servers and cloud functions.

What we learned

Individuals learned a lot about their specific areas (back end / solidity / smart contracts, front end / web design for example), and learning from all the great workshops on YouTube.

What's next for Monkey Page Lab

We want to improve the user experience and add some of the features we have discussed and began designing but haven't had time to fully implement.

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