With recent rulings and school crackdowns on Sexual Misconduct, leading to many allegations of rape, based on the new "yes means yes" rule, requiring a clear verbal or nonverbal agreement before engaging in a sexual activity.

But how should this be approached? How would one prove that they initially said yes in a situation? How would one prove that the other party said they had no STD's or claimed to be of the right mind to make the decision? How do they prove that during the time, it was consensual or that it was not?

That's where Monkey Bizzness comes into play. Monkey Bizzness is an app to protect both males and females, while getting them to be more vocal about what they want, and are okay with. Instead of a male assuming a situation is okay, they can get written consent stating it is, or have the woman state outright that she is not. Instead of assuming the partner is STD free, they can now have a document of them claiming whether or not they are, and have it for later use. This app protects both parties from potential harm, before the sexual activity happens, during the sexual activity, and after.

So how does it work? To start, one of the parties involved creates an account with Monkey Bizzness and inputs some basic information. Their first/last name, their age, any STD's they currently have, email, among others. They then have the option to create a contract, which can be signed by both parties to ensure that they are protected. They fill out the form with their first/last names, age, STD's, birth control/contraception use, being of sound mind, and then finalize the form by signing it and taking a picture of themselves showing that it is all consensual. This data is then sent to our servers to be locked away and out of reach from the users until it is needed, ideally in a situation where one of the users has legal action taken against them. This ensures that their data is private, and cannot be shared with other people.

Our typical target audience is College Students, but can be used for people of all legal ages. With situations now-a-days involving cases of false rape, lying about STD's, and California even discussing the potential of having it's citizens sign paper documents before consenting to having sexual relations, an app that does all this in a heartbeat only makes sense. That app is Monkey Bizzness.

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