We should be able to say we can monitor everything we offer. As it stands right now, WhatsUp Gold does not monitor any Progress solutions out of the box. This should be a mostly straight-forward project -- we just need people on the team that understand each of Progress software solutions. OpenEdge and SiteFinity are the primary focus, but I would love to be able to monitor all of Progress solutions. Stretch goals will be Kinvey, Corticon, HDP, ARC

What it does

Monitor SiteFinity, OpenEdge, and any other solution(s) that depend on hardware/software. Automate potential fixes to common problems

How I built it

This will be built in WhatsUp Gold leveraging either built-in monitor types, custom scripted monitors, and/or Application Performance Monitor (APM), HDP also played a big part in being able to query data from various different pieces of OpenEdge.

Challenges I ran into

The toughest part was figuring out which pieces of OpenEdge make the most sense to monitor. and configuring OpenEdge in a way that allowed us to get at this data. The next toughest challenge was getting the proper access we needed to the proper systems in order to test our monitoring.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Monitoring HDP in-depth including corrective action examples, leveraging HDP to connect to OpenEdge and populate data to WhatsUp Gold.

What I learned

HDP has many uses outside of this project. OpenEdge has many tiny nuances (select "_value" instead of "select _value" for example..) OpenEdge, HDP, and Sitefinity can be very effectively monitored with WhatsUp Gold, and given time we could have full fledged out of the box monitoring specific to those as well as other Progress applications.

What's next for Monitoring Progress Solutions with WhatsUp Gold

Continue bringing in monitoring points relevant to OpenEdge. Work on figuring out potential automated corrective actions for OpenEdge. Explore more around if Kinvey, Corticon, or any other Progress solution could also be monitored with WhatsUp Gold.

Built With

  • hdp
  • jscript
  • powershell
  • rest
  • snmp
  • vbs
  • wmi
  • wug
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