There are huge power losses in developing countries due to theft which lead us to create this solution.

What it does

Basically it monitors the power transimitted in transmission lines and runs analytics on this data to find out the deviations in power outputs

How we built it

We used APM (Asset, Time series, Analytics, Dashboard) and Intel Edison kit to simulate required data.

Challenges we ran into

Making Analytics work with APM.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Even though we were finding challenges with setting up Analytics we never gave up and got it working.
  • We were able to setup Intel Edison kit quickly.
  • Overall we could simulate the data required from power transmission line ,push this data to APM time series and could run a basic analytics on this data to figure out losses in the power transmission lines.

What we learned

It was a good start to explore APM stuffs out there on predix and it was fun.

What's next for Monitoring Power Transmission Line through APM

power loss calculation should be improved using a standard formulas. There is a lot of scope to improve the alerting mechanism from just sending an email.

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