it had be seen that the fatality of this infection its related with the development of distress respiratory syndrome (respiratory failure) and multiple organ failure its posible predict based in algorithms of gravity already described for organ failure the gravity of the evolution of one infection, by example of a community acquired pneumonia, then if could be monitorice the daily outcome of a simptomatic patient, to can receive on time medical care in principle in home basis (with teams to home medical services COVID-19), to avoid saturation of the public health system, and avoid the risk of contagious on the community including the same medical staff.

What it does

based on a daily algorithm survive inform that the suspected positive subject will feel on his App, and send directly to a medical team (nurse, family medicine doctor) the status of the identified infected persons.

How I built it

movil application

Challenges I ran into

to develop an simple plataform that be reliable with enough accuracy to predict the outcomes and monitorice the evolution and easy to use for the patients and their families and allow to the health profesional to give the right care on the right time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

to reduce use of medical system, reduce risk of contagious to health professionals and give to the patients the care that they need in the terms of right time, because its know by doctors that to be late on time in the development of one organ disfunction can lead to irreversible damage and finally death.

What I learned

to think how to reduce the impact of this epidemic in the prognostic of the patients and the function fo the health services.

What's next for Monitoring COVID-19 at home

i think what its first of the monitoring COVID-19 at home, its to identify who its positive then will be very good to can prove the majority of population that its positive give the app to monitorice and like that reduce the burden of the disease.

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