Parking your new car in non monitored locations can makes you tense, now you can monitor your car surroundings anywhere!

How it works

Uses internal car cameras and sensors to monitor car surroundings and inform the owner about any disturbances and record any unwanted instances if any activity is detected in surroundings.

Generates live video feed to user upon incidents around the car. User can start the car alarm sound if suspicious people are around it or if an animal comes near to the car during camping. Prevent any towing by informing user as soon as the towing person connects towing vehicle with the car.

Challenges I ran into

Getting video feed working Getting sensor to work with video feed data Tuning the PIR sensors

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Final product and the value we added to Mercedes customers.

What I learned

How complicated and sophisticated the latest cars are

What's next for Monitor my car

Cloud integration (integrate with drop box) Deep learning for smarter monitoring

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